Wednesday, October 28, 2009

October 28th

Sorry for the long time it took for this update. Since people asked me what we are doing all day long, I will shortly explain the curriculum of the first quarter.
Let's first talk about business, than about pleasure :D
Basically we have 4 classes:
- We take a Processing class from Casey Reas (for the people who don't know: Processing is a programming language that makes it kind of easy for artists to program their own work and Casey Reas is the one who 'invented' this language). First we did small assignments twice a week and at the moment we are doing a project. Next week that part of the class will be over and we start with physical computing (read: fooling around with an arduino).
- We take a faculty seminar which means that one professor each week will talk about his or her work so we can get familiar with the professors and know where to go with certain questions.
- We have a theory class about the history of media art. For this class we write essays and we will close this course by writing a paper.
- We have a 'project course' in which we just finished a project. It needed to be wearable, the rest was open.  We will put pictures of that on this blog soon.
- I (Antal) do one more (undergraduate) course; Sound. Here I learn some conceptual things about composition, some theory about sound and I learn how to use Logic Pro (music software). For this course I will do several small projects.

So that is what we do all day long....
Sometimes there is time for fun stuff....:D
We have been to a American Football game; UCLA Bruins against Oregon. Which was fun. It was held in the Rosebowl UCLA stadium, which has a capacity of 90.000 people. When the world cup was held in the US, this was one of the main stadiums.
We have been to the West coast premiere of the Yesmen fixing the world with one of the Yesmen present for a Q&A afterwards. This was in the Hammer museum (you've gotta see that movie when it is released in Europe, it's really great!!!) or check out what the Yesmen do on the internet.
Also I've been in the desert last weekend with friends from Holland. I made some close by pictures of one of the worlds most venomous rattle snakes; Mojave rattlesnake. The desert was in Yoshua Tree, a national park 2 to 3 hours (without traffic) south east of LA.
Yesterday we had a lecture of Jonathan Harris. I spend about 30 minutes talking to him about my project which was really cool.

Casper's sister and mother have been in LA. They were making a 2 week trip through California and were in LA for 3 or 4 days. Casper spent the weekend with them. We all have had some nice Sushi in west-Hollywood and went op to the Getty-Center for an expo of Irving Penn one day.

Well that was about it for now. We'll try to update the blog as soon we have some new interesting things to share with you. You can imagine that a lot of the days are filled with working which might be not the most interesting thing to read about for you. But if there is any specific thing you would like to hear about, just ask.

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