Sunday, October 4, 2009

Here is another short update from L.A. Everything is now up and running, and honestly things are running in 6th gear. So far it has been great, but very very busy. 
Last friday we had a presentation of our work for the faculty, all the professors here are well known artists and very respectable in the field which kind of rose the pressure for all of us. But things turned out great and they seemed to like our work :D. That night we head a party at Christian Moeller's house. It was a great place at Mulholland drive (see the movie) and he is the neighbor of Justin Timberlake so that might paint a picture. Below you see a picture of the house and the view from mulholland drive. 
All the profs are really inspiring very nice and very good teachers. We have this processing class of Casey Reas which is amazing, the guy is really nice. You'll forget that he is Casey Reas pretty quick and feel he is just an ordinary teacher.
Also the group of students is really nice. The only downside of this all is that we spent every day (including the weekends) in the studio working which leaves no time at all to discover LA. Of course there are plenty things to do and see in the field of art and media art and there is an opening for a gallery or show almost every day so we try to pick up some of those. 
So in short it is great and busy.
We try to keep you updated soon!


  1. Hey die Antal,
    Jeetje jij komt in aanmerking voor het e-mailadres: :) Fanatiek hoor! Super dat jullie de kans krijgen om zoveel te leren. Mooi ook dat je ineens in zo'n decadente setting terecht komt. Hele andere wereld. Geniet ervan en probeer ook tijd te vinden voor het ontdekken van de omgeving.