Friday, September 11, 2009


Finally! We arrived in L.A. After a long trip. After running trough entire Heathrow to catch our connection flight which would leave in 10 minutes we remembered the hour time difference, David Beckham was on the same plane to LA and we didn't see darkness until the other night. Upon arrival we checkin at a venice beach hostel. Venice beach is one of the cool areas of L.A., the beach itself is called muscle beach. And as muscle guys as you know we are we checked it out.

Today we went to the UCLA. It is amazingly huge. It is like a village and has three sport stadiums and several huge fields. Countless beautiful buildings and it feels like a nice park. A truly great place to get smart(er). :D
We share our own studio with about 16 other graduate students and the department has workshops and a lot of other nice facilities. We also stated our search for a house but its hard and expensive. Until we found a house you probably won't here a whole lot from us but once we started at the university we try to update this blog regularly. We will ad some pictures and keep the stories short. (use the RSS feed to avoid checking the blog with no result)

We'll keep you informed!

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  1. what is the name of the building that has the 52 "mistakes" in it called??